The Kate Moss Coupe

The invention of the Champagne coupe is said to date back to the court of former French Queen Marie Antoinette at Versailles. Legend has it that the first ‘Bol Sein’ (as it was formally known) was shaped around Marie Antoinette’s left breast.

To celebrate Kate Moss’s 40th birthday in 2014, 34 Mayfair commissioned British artist Jane McAdam Freud to create a modern interpretation of the first Champagne coupe, using a mould of Kate’s left breast. The result is this beautiful glass that playfully pays homage to Kate, her beauty and her iconic status.

The glasses are not commercially available and are produced to order exclusively for use at 34 Mayfair. There are limited quantities allocated for purchase directly from the restaurant; they come in pairs presented in a satin-lined gift box and are priced at £340. To order please email

The Kate Moss Coupe

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