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Farmison & Co – Heritage & Limestone Beef

Thanks to our latest supplier we are now able to bring some of Britian’s original Heritage Breeds to the 34 Mayfair menu including Dexter, longhorn, Galloway, belted gallaway, Aberdeen Angus, black Angus and Shetland. Furthermore we are one of only a handful of restaurants in London that serve High QualityLimestone Beef from the Yorkshire Dales.

Limestone Beef is fed upon wild grass and is, in our opinion the highest quality of British beef available. Reared on the limestone pavements and rugged uplands around Wharfedale and the Nidderdale, theherds are left to roam the lush limestone based pastures and grow at their own pace. The complexity of the carboniferous rock landscape where the cattle are grazed all year round offers a diversity of lime-loving grasses and rare wildflowers, giving their meat a unique and distinctive flavour. That combined with the traditional levels of husbandry adopted with minimal intervention means Limestone Beef takes the principle of organic farming to another level.

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